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Meditations for Peace : "raison d'être"

flyerOur reason for existing is to know the truth - whatever that may be! And through this truth we are set free. Fortunately there is along the way to any real or substantial experience, an attainment of a deep and abiding, inner peace - transforming ourselves as individuals and therefore our world too.

One way to accomplish such a thing is by meditating together at the same time, with the same intentions, attitudes and goals. And so, if enough people pull together, to articulate, imagine and feel at peace, at one moment in time, then everything will change!

By creating an inner peace we establish the time and the space to think clearly, and act accordingly. We shall generate the time and space and the confidence to express our love more skillfully. As individuals or in groups of like minded folk, we demonstrate little acts of random kindness whenever the opportunity arises. In fact, this experiment/experience will redefine what humanity is and what we are capable of.

It is a beautiful and harmonious adventure into unexplored states of being.

And so I warmly invite you to sit down with me on December 22nd 2018 and take back control of our lives and our destiny too. For quarter of an hour before December’s full moon, and another quarter of an hour afterwards, either as part of a group, or just sitting peacefully by your-self, we speak power to truth, we imagine ourselves as being whole, visualizing what peace means to us personally we actually feel the warmth and the comfort of an unfettered heart.

And that’s it - we speak imagine and feel at peace.

One thing I should like to add. There is no leader here, there is no boss, no governor or president, we are all ambassadors for this project and that means that we all take responsibility to act, to move this thing along. If everybody is looking to their left and to their right, waiting for somebody else to make a stand, to say something, then nothing will get done. So please, when you sign-up, please pass on this message immediately to every person who has a heart or a mind for a more peaceful and prosperous world.

There are millions, perhaps billions of good folk dreaming of another way, a more enlightened, peaceful path. And so it becomes a question of reaching out to them and convincing them to take 30 minutes out of their busy lives to help create something truly amazing.
This idea transcends any religious/secular divide. This idea rises above any national, cultural, ethnic or racial divergence, in fact this practice is for absolutely anyone who believes in life and love, peace and liberty, prosperity and abundance. This meditation is for anybody interested in realizing our human potential!

And so I look forward to working with you, and together, we create a new world.

Neil WARREN 26-09-2018, Saint-Affrique, France.

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"Many thanks to Maharishi Vedic Pandits, the thinking minority and Video Advice channels on YouTube."

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